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Refunds, everything you need to know
Refunds, everything you need to know
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WigWag enables you to process refunds for any transaction you have accepted on WigWag previously.

You can refund either the full amount of the transaction or a partial amount of it.

From when you confirm a refund, it will take between 3-12 working days for it to reflect in your customer's account. WigWag charges no fees to process refunds!

The most important thing to consider with refunds is that the amount you are refunding will be taken from the funds available in your WigWag Balance.

Therefore, it is advisable to leave some funds available in your WigWag Balance to cover any refunds.

💡Shopify merchants: See how to refund with Shopify here.

How to refund

To initiate a refund open the Sales tab on your WigWag dashboard.

Scroll to the transaction you wish to refund and click the More menu.

The details of the sale will open up and you will see the option to refund.

Click the Refund button to open up the Refund box and enter in the amount you wish to refund. Remember, it can be either the full amount of the sale or a part of it.

You also can select a reason for the refund for your records.

Click the Confirm button to initiate the refund.

You will see all the details of the refund. Double-check that it is all correct and Confirm to send the refund to WigWag to process.

You will see that the sales information for that transaction is updated with the details of the refund.

Your customer will receive the refund in 3 - 12 working days, at which point the status of that sales will change to Refunded.

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