Setting up your Checkout
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Once your WigWag account is activated you can log in and see your dashboard.

You can immediately start using your Checkout link, or WigWag ID, by clicking the "Copy WigWag ID" button. Your WigWag ID defaults to

To edit your WigWag ID go to the Checkout page by navigating to the Checkout tab on the menu on the lefthand side.

WigWag ID

Here you'll see your current WigWag ID and be able to edit the link to suit your business needs. We'd recommend you use your business name or something that is recognisable by your customers.

Checkout Page Details

You can also choose what details of yours you want your customer to see. Specifically, your email address and phone number.

Additionally, you can decide what details you want to collect from your customers by toggling the buttons on and off. Remember to hit "Save" to ensure you've options are saved for your Checkout Page.

Link Builder

For scenarios where you want to specify what Amount and Reference your customer pays you can easily add these details to the link by using the link builder on the page.

You can enter in the amount and the reference, and simply copy the link to share with your customer.

Additionally, opt to collect your customer's delivery details and fees by toggling the switch on.

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