WigWag on Squarespace
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Wondering how to use WigWag and Squarespace, watch the video below and then read the article for more detailed steps.

Squarespace is one of the simplest, easiest and most popular no-code website-building platforms. However, while SquareSpace is great for setting up a website, it does not allow you to accept payments in South Africa.

WigWag has partnered with Foxy.io, the leading cart plugin to enable you to make your Squarespace website an e-commerce power.

All you need is to add the Foxy plugin to your Squarespace site and activate WigWag on Foxy. Follow the easy steps below to see how.

Step 1: Create accounts

You'll need to set up both a WigWag and a Foxy account.

A WigWag account is easy and FREE to set up. You can do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account

  2. Tell us about your business

  3. Verify your account by sharing some documents with us

The process is detailed in this helpful article.

Sign up for your WigWag Account here.

Foxy allows users to create a completely FREE test account.

You can sign up here.

Important to note, while you can fully test and use the Foxy plugin you will need to activate a Foxy subscription to make live payments.

See the different Foxy Pricing Plans here. Remember though, Foxy offers an unlimited free trial, allowing unlimited tests until you're ready.

By default Foxy will have all currencies configured to USD, to change to ZAR you'll need to:

  • On your Foxy Admin Page go to Templates -> Template Sets

  • In Locale select English locale for the South Africa (Currency: ZAR: R)

  • Save the settings by clicking Update Template Set

Step 2: Add Foxy to SquareSpace

Foxy works by allowing you to connect your Squarespace site to their Checkout Cart and passing the content and information about the items you're selling to the Checkout Cart, creating what Foxy calls Foxy Products. Which are in essence, the items you're selling in the Checkout Cart so your customer can pay for them.

For Squarespace, there are 2 different ways to do this:

  • Create a purchase button - manually create a purchase button for each of your products

  • Let Squarespace's Commerce feature directly interface with Foxy [Recommended]

Letting Squarespace Commerce manage your Foxy directly is the simplest and most powerful option, as it is one addition to your site across all products.

Read Foxy's guide to add their plugin to Squarespace or follow the easy instructions below.

  • Ensure your Squarespace site meets the below requirements

    1. Disable Express Checkout

    2. Disable Quick View on products

    3. If enabled, disable Ajax loading

  • Using the menu on your Squarespace admin page navigate to the Code Injection Panel

    • Website -> Pages -> Website Tools -> Code Injection

  • Use this link to head open your Foxy admin page and copy the Sample Code in Step 1

  • Paste the Sample Code in the Footer Section

  • Use this link to access additional code and add this to the Footer Section below the code in the previous step and save all your changes.

If you have any questions connect with us or if you want to connect with the Foxy team, contact them directly using this link.

Step 3: Activating WigWag on Foxy

Once you have Foxy all set up on your site, you simply need to activate WigWag as your payment method on the Foxy Admin Page.

  • Log in to your Foxy Admin Page

  • Select the Payments Tab under the Store heading

  • In the Payment Tab, deselect the checkbox Let customers pay with a Credit or Debit Card and select Live Servers

In the Payment Tab, scroll down to the WigWag option and check the box

  • At this stage you'll need to input your WigWag API keys and Secret

  • You can retrieve these from your WigWag Account page on your dashboard

  • While you're here, you'll also need to add your redirect URL to complete

    • The redirect URL will take the format https://[yourfoxystorename].foxycart.com/checkout

Woohoo! You now have payments live on your Squarespace store - get selling!

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