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How do I add my WigWag link to Xero invoices?
How do I add my WigWag link to Xero invoices?
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Add your WigWag ID URL

  1. In the Business menu, select Online payments. Alternatively, click the organisation name, select Settings, then click Payment services.

  2. Select the Add new payment service tab.

  3. Next to Additional Payment Services, click Add Other, then select Custom Payment URL


    Click Add another online payment option, then select Custom Payment URL.

  4. Enter WigWag as the name.

  5. Go to your WigWag dashboard and copy your Checkout Link.

6. Go back to Xero and paste your WigWag Checkout link and then add /[AMOUNTDUE]/[INVOICENUMBER] to the end of the link.

7. Enter the words you want to show in the online invoice in the Pay now text field.

8. Click Save.

Apply the URL to an invoice template

  1. On the payment services screen, select the Manage connected services tab.

  2. Under your list of connections, click Manage themes or Manage branding themes.

  3. Under Branding themes, find the invoice template you want then select the custom URL payment service.

  4. Click Save.

For payments made using WigWag, you need to manually apply a payment to the invoice. You can also apply a payment by reconciling the statement line once you've done a payout and the funds show in your account.

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