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Pricing: Webflow vs Squarespace vs Shopify
Pricing: Webflow vs Squarespace vs Shopify
Updated over a week ago

WigWag has partnered with to open up new options when it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform - such as Webflow and Squarespace.

Both of these platforms were not an option for businesses in South Africa before, unless you had an American bank account.

However, understanding the cost of these platforms and Foxy, in comparison to providers like Shopify can be a bit tricky. So we did the maths!

Below we compare the total cost to run an e-commerce store using the below tools. We've also made a couple of assumptions, the store does 100 transactions per month with an average order value of R500.

  • Webflow CMS plus Foxy's Standard Plan

    • Using Foxy you can save by not needing Webflow E-commerce which can get pricey!

  • Squarespace Commerce plus Foxy's Standard Plan

  • Shopify's mid-tier plan


Foxy + Webflow

Foxy + Squarespace


Platform monthly fee

R382.50 (Foxy) + R414.00 (Webflow CMS)

R382.50 (Foxy) + R510.00 (Squarespace Commerce)


Platform variable fee

R3.60 per transaction (Foxy)*

R3.60 per transaction (Foxy)*

1% per transaction

Payment provider fee

2.95% per transaction

2.95% per transaction

2.95% per transaction

Total fees per month




* Foxy will waive its variable fee for the first 100 transactions.

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