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What is a chargeback?
What is a chargeback?
Updated over a week ago

A chargeback is when a user requests their card provider to reverse a card transaction. They could do this for several reasons such as if the items they purchased never arrived, they’re double-charged, or they believe they've been fraudulently charged.

As all WigWag card transactions are 3D Secure, which requires Multi-Factor Authentication through an OTP or In-app approval the chances of a chargeback as a result of fraud are minimal.

Chargeback Process

In cases where a customer does request a chargeback, we'll follow a standard process to manage this in conjunction with you:

  1. Our banking partner will alert us about the chargeback request, what transaction it concerns and the reason for the chargeback

  2. We'll contact you outlining the details of the chargeback and requesting proof of purchase and delivery to the customer

    • Documents that could be useful here are:

      1. A receipt of the purchase shared with the customer

      2. Completed waybill showing the customer's details

  3. In the event the chargeback is invalid there will be no further action taken

  4. In the event the chargeback is valid, we'll need to:

    • Reverse the transaction

    • Debit your WigWag balance with a chargeback processing fee

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