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How to use WigWag to manage your classes, seminars and courses
How to use WigWag to manage your classes, seminars and courses
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You work hard to prepare for a booking with a customer or customers. You may be running an online tutoring group, a yoga class or a leadership course. Which means your most precious resource is time.

And after all the hard work, a customer is a no-show. The worst still is you've wasted a time slot and seat another paying customer might have used.

Use your WigWag payment links as a way to effectively manage your bookings through your main social channels like WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to use payment links to manage bookings?

  1. A customer lets you know they're keen to join your next booking

  2. You create a payment link that acts as the final confirmation of the booking

    1. Ensure the customer understands that a paid link means a confirmed booking

    2. Monitor the payment status of the link easily in your dashboard to see if the customer has paid

  3. Set the payment link to expire

    1. Communicate with the customer that an expired payment link equals a voided booking

    2. This allows you to free the time slot up for other paying customers

  4. Re-send the link to the customer as a reminder to confirm the booking with payment

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