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Is WigWag safe and secure?
Is WigWag safe and secure?
Updated over a week ago

WigWag is super safe and secure!

All transactions made through WigWag are 3D-Secure, which means that your customers need to do a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to complete a purchase.

WigWag's technology is also powered by Stitch, an enterprise-grade payments provider powering businesses like Multichoice and MTN.

Stitch carries a PCI DSS Level 1 certificate which is the highest, globally recognised certification for processing online payments, created by VISA, Mastercard and other card schemes.

If your customers are ever worried about the security of a payment, you can share the below blurb with them:

WigWag payment links are a secure and easy way to pay online. They carry the highest level of security and compliance. All payments are 3DSecure which ensures you're protected.

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