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Can I accept payments in foreign currencies?
Can I accept payments in foreign currencies?
Updated over a week ago

With WigWag, you're finally able to easily sell internationally since WigWag accepts most international card payments.

However, it is important that note that your customer will only be able to see and pay the ZAR cost of the product.

For example, if you have an item for sale for sale at R200 and the Rand to Dollar exchange rate is R20 to $1, you won't be able to charge your customer $10. Rather your customer will enter their card details and pay R200 with their bank carrying out the conversion in the background. Your customer will likely charged a conversion fee unrelated to WigWag or you by their bank.

Please note that an international payment will incur a slightly higher fee from WigWag of 3.4%, but as always we'll take care of the admin around this.

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