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How to run food delivery with WigWag
How to run food delivery with WigWag
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Food delivery platforms can be super expensive. So we know that some restaurants prefer to do their own deliveries. The only problem is that getting paid becomes tricky.

Enter WigWag.

Using WigWag, you can easily share a payment link with your customer through whatever channel they've ordered, collect the delivery address and monitor when the payment has been made.

How it would work on WhatsApp

  1. Your customer sends a WhatsApp with their order.

  2. You create a payment link, choose to collect delivery details and add your delivery fee.

3. You paste the link into a WhatsApp message to your customer. They input their details and you get paid.

4. The status of this payment will change to "paid" in the Payment Links section of your dashboard. You can also see the delivery details to send the food to.

5. You send the food to a happy customer.

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