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How to manage your appointments with WigWag
How to manage your appointments with WigWag
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Many people run their businesses over chat apps (like Instagram and WhatsApp). They use chat to talk to customers and schedule appointments with them.

These could range from personal trainers and yoga instructors to nail stylists and hairdressers.

The common problem these businesses have is managing payments for their services. The payments can be very messy, manual and difficult to track - you don't know who's paid, when they've paid or how they've paid.

WigWag is here to make it easier, in a few simple steps:

  1. A customer messages you asking for a booking

  2. You agree to a time

  3. Easily create a payment link and share it as final confirmation of the booking

    1. By asking a customer to commit to paying upfront they're highly unlikely to skip the appointment and waste your time

  4. Set the payment link to expire after a specific period of time

    1. Communicate with the customer that an unpaid link means a cancelled appointment

    2. This frees up your calendar to schedule another customer in

  5. You can also monitor whether a payment has been made easily in your dashboard

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