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How Instagram sellers can use WigWag?
How Instagram sellers can use WigWag?
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Selling on Instagram is great! You have easy access to a great community of people who are willing buyers.

Paying money on Instagram is not great. You send your banking details, your customer tries to pay but maybe gets the account number wrong, or they do pay but don't send you proof of payment, leaving you without any idea of whether to send the item or not.

Enter, WigWag.

Now you can easily accept card payments from your community in a few easy steps:

  1. A customer DMs you wanting to buy your rad product

  2. You easily create a payment link for them where you set the correct amount to be paid, the unique reference and when the link should expire (perfect for time-sensitive deals!)

  3. Choose whether you want to collect delivery details and fees with the payment link

  4. You DM them back the link

  5. The customer clicks the link and you get paid

The customer is taken through a super simple but highly secure payment process, where they're guided every step of the way.

You can easily monitor whether the payment has been completed or in your dashboard. This is also where you'll see the customer's delivery details if you collected them.

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